Spencer was cooking dinner. "WHO WANTS SPAGHETTI TACOS!" The gang all shouted out. Ricky Flame ran in and screamed "ME!" The gang make weird faces. "Why are you here" Carly said. He said "Spencer you've been discovered" Spencer seemed puzzled. Ricky stated "People want Spaghetti Tacos everywhere. Time to make a shop!" Gibby said "Spencer why don't you cook at my Resturant in the basement at school GIBBY'S!" Sam said "Yes" Ricky said "I'll tell the press." Spencer screamed "SPAGHETTI TACOS!!!!!"

Sam walked into her apartment and saw a letter from her mom's letter. It said she was in prision. "Mom stop getting arrested"

Freddie says "iCarly starts soon where could Sam be." "We have to do the show." said Carly. Freddie says "Kk." Gibby screams "That's my thing."

A guard screams "Pam" Pam responds "I am coming." Sam says "Mom." Pam runs out in a bikini. Sam says "Mom!"

Back at the apartment, Carly and Freddie start the show with the cowboy bit. Freddie then insists on a short break and play a video of a man talking with a squirrel. Carly says that the Resturant commercial must be played. Thy wait 10 minutes for Sam and she finally comes.

Carly says "We lost thousands of viewers because this guy was asking a squirrel on a date." Sam said "I had bigger problems than iCarly." Carly walked out annoyed. Freddie then comes back in their and plays the commercial for the Resturant.

Meanwhile, Gibby and Spencer are working at the packed Resturant. Ricky walks up and says "Can I have a spaghetti taco?" Spencer says $9.95 please." Ricky says "That I'd way to expensive." Spencer that's our price so $9.95 please." Ricky says "Fine." Spencer hands him a tray with his taco. Gibby says to Spencer "Buisness is good tonight. We made 900 buckaroos." Spencer screams "WHAT!" and his pants fall down. Gibby points to his paints. The. A costumer walks up and says "May I have a hot meat sandwich?" Gibby says "Sure come back in like 5 minutes." Spencer then says "Wouldn't you like a taco full of spaghetti?" The customer says "No. It looks gross." Sprncer screams "Fine you downer!"

Carly and Sam are sitting down at the apartment watching TV when they see on the news that Spencer is in the hospital. They rush over fast.

Spencer then continues his Buisness and the news crew comes and coverage is all on Seattle News and everyone comes to the Resturant.

Pam and Sam go to the Resturant one night and order Spaghetti Tacos. Pam says to the waiter "May I Have your number?" Spencer. Rings over the tacos and Pam eats it and finds a bug in it. She screams "Spencer." She grabs her own butter sock and starts beating Spencer with it.