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A/N: Now, this is my second story for the iCarly Double Write-Off, and I like this idea more than my other story. Notice I said idea, because I'm writing this before I write the story. Here it goes...

Carly POV: "And I guess that's all we hate time for on iCarly tonight!" Sam yelled.

I recited the last few lines from our script as enthusiastically as I could, "But don't worry! We're back next week! And... by that time our blogs will be posted, and there'll be a new iCarly video: that's right, another installment of Bernie the Depressed Welder! So...".

I paused for a fraction of a second, which gave Sam the chance to say the last line with me. "Buh-buh-buhduhbuhduh-bye!" we chanted together, waving our hair about like crazy people.

Freddie smiled, nodded, pressed a button, and shouted exictedly, "And we're clear!". We all started to do a little dance (I was swaying from side to side, Sam was playing an air guitar, and Freddie was doing the YMCA with his camera still in his hand), and then stopped. I looked around, but I couldn't find what- or rather who- I was searching for.

"Where's Gibby?" I asked curiously. He was right there... well, after we did the Eat the Food We Made in Sam's Bathtub With Ingredients We Found Off the Street, he decided to go and barf, so he went backstage (in other words, our guest waiting area).

"I'm here," Gibby muttered. My eyes opened up in shock. Gibby was... blue! Freddie nearly dropped his camera. Sam bit on her lip to stop loud guffaws from coming out, but that didn't stop her from sniggering a bit. And making a comment.

She shoved her hands roughly in her pockets and took a small step closer to him, just a little shuffle. "Gibby, when I say this, I say it as the person who beats you up every day... You look like an overgrown Smurf," she said, as if she was trying to be nice. Then, she broke down in laughter. Freddie started to laugh as well. Eventually, I giggled a bit too. Gibby gave us all a hard stare.

"That's right, laugh it up. I'm going home..." and Gibby ran down the stairs. We all heard the door slam right after Spencer screamed.

I chuckled, "Yeah, ingredients found on the floor, not too good...".

"Yeah, not really" Sam smirked.

Freddir agreed, "Oh yeah, terrible!".

I was searching through my new PearPod (it's shaped like an actual pear!) to listen to some music, when Spencer beckoned me over. "So, little sister, I was thinking... help me with my sculpture?" he asked me with puppy dog eyes. Ah well, I didn't have anything better to do.

I smiled, "Sure. What's it gonna be?". There was a lot of clay, yellow paint, mustard colored paint, red paint, and brown paint. I had NO idea what it was going to be.

Spencer sniffed the air. Don't know why, but he just did. He's odd like that. Then, he put on a know-it-all voice, and told me, "We. my dear Carly, are going to make a sculpture of a spaghetti taco!". That had to be the most normal sculpture he'd ever come up with. I giggled, "Let's do it!", and picked up some clay.

It looked... weird. We'd made a darn good model, put without color, it didn't look right. Spencer stroked his chin, "We need to add the yumminess! COLOR!!!". I picked up a paint brush, and dipped it into the yellow paint. Then, I started smackin' it on the taco. Another color was applied, the spaghetti this time, and Spencer slowly stroked the string like mould over and over.


A beautiful representation of the humble Spaghetti Taco was placed on a stand before us, and I felt good. It felt good to know that I'd just made a sculpture that was finished, and actually good. I didn't know that Spencer had a paint brush which had just been dipped in red paint in his hand. He stretched, and the paint splatted all over my hair. It ruined my overalls. "Spencer!" I exclaimed, and he put a hand over his mouth.

"I'm so sorry, Carly! Gah..." he sputtered. I smirked evilly, and sneaked a yellow tipped brush behind my back. I released with a force that Sam would be proud of.

The paint fight went on for hours, and it took me days to scrub it off the walls. But, you know what? It was totally worth it! I won...

A/N: I like that one more. It seems more... fun :)