iSwitch Places- by Creddie 4 real

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This is a story about the iCarly gang.


This story is rated K+.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Chapter 1

"Hey Carly," Sam says with a friendly grin as she casually enters the Shay's apartment without knocking. "Hey Sam," Carly says while sitting on the couch. "Watcha doin Carls," Sam asks as she walks to the refrigerator. "I'm just looking at our pictures from when we were in third grade, Carly replies. "Oh okay, hey where is the ham and steak?" Sam demands with a hand on her hip and one hand holding the refrigerator door open. "Bottom shelf," Carly responds without looking up. Sam takes up the meat, puts it on a plate, and pops it in the microwave. "Aww, you looked so cute in this picture Sam!" Carly exclaims. "Lemme see that," Sam says rudely and jogged over. "Look," Carly says and hands the picture to Sam.

"Yeah, I looked goooooood," Sam says smirking. "And there is Freddie, and Gibby from the 6th grade class picture," Carly says. "Oh yeah, Freddie is still a nub, and Gibby is still wierd."And hey look at you Carly, you still look the same," Sam says referring to a picture of Carly when they were in third grade. "Huh, wait what do you mean?" Carly asks raisng her eyebrows. "Same ol' Carls, look at your little pigtails, pink skirt, and a book in your hand." Carly peered closely to the picture of her as a little girl smiling and her pink cheeks showing. "What?" Carly asks still confused. "You're the same goody-goody Carly, but you're still the one person who can totally stand my Sammish behavior," Sam stated noncholantly while giving Carly a playful punch in the arm. "Uhh yeah.." Carly says, confused as ever. "Wait I'm not a goody-goody!" "Oh yes you are Carly," Sam responds.

"So you think I act like I am so innocent?" Carly demands with her hand on her hip. They hear a beep from the kitchen. "Yay, my meat is ready!" Sam says as she happily races to the kitchen to retrieve her food. "You didn't answer my question Sam," Carly says. Sam walks back to the couch and sits down taking a bite out of her steak. "Well yeah, you do," Sam says. "But that makes you Carly." "Yeah, and being lazy and obnoxious and a meat-lover makes you Sam," Carly responds, reaching into Sam's plate and taking a piece of ham. "My food!" Sam shouts with her mouth full of food. "Whatevs, I don't care how I act," Sam says casually and puts her feet on the coffee table. "I can tell," Carly says while rolling her eyes. "You know what, I have an idea," Sam suggests. "What?" Carly asks. "Since you wanna act differently why don't we switch places for a week, like I be you and you be me," Sam says taking another bite of her ham. "Huh?" Carly asks. "I act like you and you act like me," Sam says.

"Ok, I'll do it," Carly says. "Let's make this more interesting and turn this into a bet," Sam says. "Alright," Carly says. "If you crack first you have to give up meat for a week, Carly challenges." "Like that's gonna happen, and if you crack first you have to give me meat every single day and do my homework for the rest of the month," Sam challenges. "Deal," Carly says as they shake hands.

Chapter 2 (next day)

As Carly walks into Ridgeway, all eyes stare at her, people are whispering, who's that? "Yo, what's up people?" Carly says mimicking the way Sam usually acts. Freddie walks up to her, "Hey, um, what's goin' on Carls, did I miss something?" he said in confusion. "Nah Fredward," Carly says opening her locker and taking out a piece of fatcake while munching on it. "Wait, Carly, when have you start calling me Fredward?" Freddie says folding his arms. "And what's with the getup?" he asks motioning to her outfit. Carly was wearing high tops, a long sleeved graphic shirt, and green capris, with her hair curled.

Sam skips in, wearing a pink glittery shirt, flats, and a white skirt with pink leggings. She was holding a pink purse and her hair was straightened with a white barrette. "Hey Carls, hi Freddie, " Sam says with a cheerful grin. "Okay, can someone tell me what is going on?" Freddie exclaims. "Carly, why are you acting like Sam, and Sam, why are you acting like Carly?" "Oh, please call me Samantha," Sam says with a cheeky smile. "Whatevs," Carly says while finishing the fatcake and tossing the rapper on the floor.

"What, Sam, you hate called Samantha, and Carly, why did you toss the rapper on the floor, there's a garbage can right over there," Freddie says pointing. "So?" Carly says shrugging. Freddie starts turning white. "WHAT IS GOING ON!!" he exclaims. Students turn to look at the group. "Okay Freddie, people are staring, so we are acting like this because we made a bet to act like each other," Sam says, going in her pink purse and puts on lip gloss. "Oh, I get it now," Freddie says relieved. "I thought this was was a full moon or something," he shakes his head. The bell rings. "That's the bell for class," Sam says happily. "I love school!" "I can't wait until this is over," Freddie says rubbing his head. "This will take a while getting used to."

"I can't wait 'till this day is over," Carly says with an attitude. "School is an epic waste of time." "I'm heading to class, see you ninas at lunch," Freddie says while walking off. "Bye!" Sam calls. "Whatever," Carly says. The trio parts and each goes to their separate classes.

Chapter 3-iCarly Rehearsal

Carly and Sam goes into Carly's apartment. "Hey, Carly, it's almost six, text Freddie and tell him to come over so we can begin the rehearsal," Sam says sitting on the couch. "Oh God no, you text the nub," Carly says snobbily and turns up her face. "Okay!" About five minutes later Freddie barges in. "Sorry I'm late, I had to--," was all Freddie managed to say until Carly cuts him off. "We don't care, let's go upstairs and get this chizz over with." Carly turns her heel and stomps upstairs. "Ugh, I can't stand seeing you guys act like this," Freddie says folding his arms. "Sam, you need to act like Sam and Carly needs to act like Carly. "This bet isn't over until Friday though, and it's Wendsday," Sam says as she walks to the steps. "GET UP HERE!!!" Carly yells from upstairs. "See?" Freddie says motioning to the steps. "Well it's not over yet," Sam says as she goes upstairs, with Freddie trudging behind her.

"Okay, Carly, did you make any new skits for iCarly?" Freddie asks. "Um, no," Carly says staring in space. "I did!" Sam says handing Freddie a paper. "Uhh okay," Freddie says utterly confused. While the friends are having rehearsal, Mrs. Benson barges in into the room. "Mom!" Freddie exclaims." "What do you want?!"

Chapter 4

"Fredward Karl Benson," Mrs. Benson screamed. "You are late for your tick bath, and we have mom and son swimming today!" "Hahaha, that is so pathetic!" Carly laughs. "No it isn't," Sam says trying very hard to hold back a giggle. "It's a great way to bond with his mom, or, um, something," Sam finishes trying to find something to say. "And tick baths are, uhh, good for you, I think," Sam's face is red of holding in laughter. Freddie looks at Carly. Mrs. Benson looked at Carly with a shocked expression. "Carly, um, why are you acting like Samantha, you don't usually say things like that to Freddie?" Mrs. Benson sounded confused. "As for you Samantha, you're being nice?" Sam gritted her teeth at Mrs. Benson. She hated when people called her Samantha. And she really wanted to say anything about the tick bath. But if she said anything, she would loose the bet. And Carly looked sorry, she was tired of being mean to Freddie. She was one of his best friends, and she didn't like being mean to anyone for that matter. But if she said anything, she would also loose the bet.

Freddie had enough and stepped in. "Okay mom, I'll meet you at home." "Um, alright," she said furrowing her eyebrows. Mrs. Benson was extremely confused; first, Freddie always argued with her before she got him to take his tick bath or to go to mother and son swimming class. Freddie absolutely hated it. After Mrs. Benson left, Carly spoke up. "Sam, Freddie, we need to talk." "Uh sure," Freddie said awkwardly. "No prob Carls," Sam said casually. "Sam, can we call off the bet, I know the week isn't over yet but I can't take this any more," Carly says flopping onto a bean bag chair. "No chiz," Sam mutters, slouching on the bean bag chair joining Carly. "This is torture, I don't know how you do it," Sam continues. "I don't know how you do it," Carly says.

"So are you girls going to end the bet?" Freddie asks, sitting on the other side of Carly. "Well a bet is a bet," Carly saiy glumly, "and I guesss we both lost." "I am so happy this is over," Sam says tossing her purse on the other side of the room. "Yeah," Carly agrees throwing the ham slices out of her bag. "Hey!" "Don't waste the ham!" Sam screams and scurries to pick up the ham an crams them into her mouth. Carly and Freddie laughs at the sight of Sam stuffing her face with the ham. "It's good to be back," Sam smiles while eating her ham.

Chapter 5- Epilogue

Carly's POV

Well me and Sam both lost the bet. So the bet is over. I am so happy to be me again. Being Sam is so hard. I wonder how she handles it haha. Well you gotta love her. Sam is Sam, and you can't change her. And I am Carly, and I can't be changed either. We are both best friends and awesome just the way we are. Freddie is happy that the bet is over, he was so annoyed how me and Sam were both acting. He said he was about to freak out! Well, I am never going to try to change myself again.

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