This is a Creddie One-shot. Enjoy!

A certain girl brunette climbed out of bed and yawned. She went over to her automatic closet and opened it. She pushed the button that said 'shirts' and, instantly, the closet rack spun around until the shirts were in front of Carly. She picked out a Penny-tee that said 'Wild Bananas' and a pair of skinny jeans. Her phone rang and she answered.

"Hey, Carls!" Sam's voice said from the other side.

"Hey, Sam. What's up?" Carly replied.

"I was wondering if now was a good time to come over?"

"Uh...yeah. I g-"

Before Carly could finish, her door swung open, revealing her blonde-haired best friend.

"Never mind!" Sam said. She laughed and threw herself onto Carly's bed.

Carly closed her phone and sat beside her.

"So, why couldn't you stay at home?" Carly asked as she brushed her hair.

"Mom got a new bikini." Sam said with a disgusted face.

"Don't you tell not to buy those things? She doesn't even use them!" Carly said.

"She just likes to show off. Mainly in front of the cat..." Sam said.

Both girls shuddered and smiled.

"Want some bacon?" Carly asked as her and Sam headed downstairs.

"You read Momma's mind." Sam said.

Sam opened the fridge door and took out the bacon. Someone knocked.

"I got it!" Spencer called from the next room. He bounded out of his room and opened the door.

"Hey, Freddo." he said.

Spencer moved over to reveal the teenage boy.

"Hey, Spence. Carly." Freddie said. He had his hands in his pocket as he casually walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, Freddie." Carly said.

"Why are you here, nub?" Sam said as she stuffed her mouth with bacon.

"Well, I heard that there's supposed to be a meteor shower over Seattle tonight. Wanna go see it?" Freddie asked.

"Sure." Carly said with a smile.

"I'd rather see my mom in skinny jeans." Sam said as her and Carly shivered from the thought.

"Love to," Spencer said. "but I'm going over to Socko's."

Carly smiled again and turned to Freddie.

"Guess it's just you and me." she said.

"Guess so." Freddie replied.

This was exactly what Freddie wanted. This was his (and maybe only) chance to get Carly to love him.

"What time does it start?"

"About...8:00. I think we should meet on the roof around 7 just to get ready."

"Ok. Sounds great." Carly said. "See ya then."

"Great. Bye." Freddie said. He left the Shay apartment with a wide grin on his face.


A/N: Oooh! A meteor shower! What will happen between Carly and Freddie? Find out in the next part!