It was 14th of Feburary and Carly's apparttment was filled with red hearts. Carly was 18 and she was celabrating her one year annaversay with Griffith. Sam and Freddie went to the same college and had grown more close. (Carly goes to the same college too)


Sam's POV:

I was walking along the campus it was crowded but I could just see Freddie on his laptop. I knew that we had dated a few years back but I still liked him. Today was Valentines day and we were both single. Carly ran over to me I didn't look at her. "Sam I've been running after you for like an hour you have my notes remember?" she then noticed me looking at Freddie. She sighed. "Go talk to him I don't think he's with that Seirra girl" I smiled and ran to the spot where Freddie was. "Hi Fredward" he looked up and rolled his eyes at me "go away Sam" he then went back to his laptop. "You and Seirra doing anything special?" he nodded "we broke up" I smiled I knew this was my chance.

Carly's POV:

Watching Sam and Freddie made me smile. They were like total enimes, Sam told me that I should like Griffin even though he has pee wee babies. (I still laugh at that.)

Freddie's POV:

I knew I still liked Sam but I don't think she likes me. I remember doing ICarly and Seddie happened also Creddie but I couldn't just tell Sam. "Me, Carly and Griffin are going to go for a drink soon want to come?" I nodded I was doing work. "Sure, I would like that a lot."

At a restarant:

Griffin: Carly I got you a present

Carly: wow... a tiger pee wee baby.... thank you

(Sam and Freddie laugh)

Freddie: Sam can I talk to you?

Sam: err sure what is it?

Freddie: I-

Sierra: hey Freddie, Carly, Griffin Samantha!

Sam: what is she doing here?

Freddie: we got back together

Sam: oh... we only invited Freddie. sorry you have to go

Carly's POV:

SS Seddie has struck an Ice Brug! Do something Carly!

Sam's POV:

I hate my self for not bringing the butter sock!

Griffin's POV:

Awrkward! Yum Pancakes!

Carly: Freddie a word

Freddie: sure

Carly: sam loves you idiot!

Freddie: huh?

Carly: just go break up with whats her face