Story Summary:

Carly has just learned some scary secrets about herself and her friends. But now Spencer and Mrs. Benson have been kidnapped by vampires and it's up to Carly, Sam and Freddie to save them. Will Carly and Freddie learn to love each other during the mission? Find out in this 3-part story! (there might be a part 4)

Story Preview:

Carly wanted to cry. She couldn't take it. Hiding from Sam and Freddie avoiding her. I just needed time away for a while. she thought. She walked around the abandoned alley. She was tense. Every shadow, everything that moved scared her. It had been 4 hours since she left her home. And she was hungrier than ever. She heard footsteps. Turning around, she spotted a tall figure with red eyes. "Hello?" she asked in a whimper. She stared at the figure, hoping he or she would reply. The figure stepped into the deep moonlight and Carly gasped. The figure was a man, as pale as paper, with teeth as long as a sabertoothed tiger. And he was looking hungry...

(Liked the preview? Well more is coming your way! Some special furry friends might come along....Also, can you guess who I've marked as a vampire or werewolf?)