Hello! This is my first fanfic, so please go easy on me, however I don't mind some constructive critism. :D Enjoy! Rated T. This is Part 1 by the way, Part 2 should be up soon. It's basically friendship, so everyone should enjoy it.



Icarly with spencer

Scene 1:Edit

Carly sat up in bed, turned on her lamp and signed. She bent her head to read her clock. 8AM. Carly pulled herself up, tiredly, rubbing her eyes as she did this. Carly slipped her feet into her cosy slippers and pulled her dressing robe on. As she slumped down the stairs, trying to comb her hair with her fingers, Spencer came bouncing out of his bedroom. "Hey kiddo!" he yelled holding a weirdly shaped object. "What is that, Spencer?" Carly asked, with a puzzled look on her face, staring at the object. "I don't actually know..I just picked it up at the junkyard" he replied. "Oh ok" Carly said. "Carly, I gotta pop along to Hey Food. Are you alright if I just leave you here?" Spencer asked, putting down the object. "Yeah, I'll just go and get changed and then I might go along to Sam's later on, so don't be worried if I'm not here when you're back" Carly replied, still looking at the object. And with that, Carly turned around and headed upstairs, just as Spencer hopped out of the door.

Scene 2:Edit

Carly walked down the stairs, looking much happier and awake then she had when she had first woken up. As she passed the table Spencer had put the object down on, she couldn't help but press the button on the top. "I wonder what this d"--and with that, Carly let out an ear piercing scream. Freddie, who happened to be outside the door, just about to come in heard this and ran inside. "Carly, are you alright?" he asked, with a scared look on face, as if a man with a gun were about to appear out of nowhere. "Yeah, that thing just shocked me though!" Carly replied, heading towards the kitchen to get herself a drink. "Do you want me to kiss your booboo?" Freddie asked, hopefully. "No Freddie, what have I told you about asking for kisses? I thought we agreed, JUST friends?" Carly said, with a tone of annoyance in her voice. "Fine..doesn't hurt to try though.." Freddie replied slumping suddenly. "So let's get back to this THING that shocked me!" Carly replied; still staring at it. "Let me have a go" and with that, Freddie touched it. Instead of a painful shock, a hologram of a woman appeared. "What the chiz?" Carly asked "How did it obey you, but not me?" "Well have you noticed it's a woman? Maybe it only likes boys!" Freddie replied. "AHEM?" the hologram said, looking annoyed, and with that, Sam burst through the door.

Scene 3:Edit

"Hola chicos and chicas!" Sam yelled as she sprinted in. "Sam, shut up, we're trying to listen here!" Freddie screamed; still staring at the hologram. Sam walked up to Freddie and with one clean swipe, he was down on the ground holding his now bloody nose. "WAM, DY WID POU WO MAT?" Freddie tried to say, but no to avail. Sam stared at him and laughed "Did you say something?" Freddie tried to say what he had been meaning to say first time round, but again to no avail. "Ahem, everyone, am I the only one focused on hologram lady?" Carly finally said, looking annoyed. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" the hologram screamed, looking a bit angry; "I am not a *HOLOGRAM LADY*, in fact I am Princess CrazedChicken" . "Nice name" Sam said, with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, and with that she headed towards the fridge. Carly and Freddie followed Sam with their eyes. "And back to me" Princess CrazedChicken said, with a hint of annoyance in her voice; "I am from the future" "THE FUTURE?" Carly, Sam, who was now back from the fridge, chewing on a spare rib, Freddie, who had now wiped off all the blood from his nose and seemed to be regaining his *regular* voice back yelled looking puzzled. "Yes, the future, dumbos" Princess CC (as Sam, Carly and Freddie had now learnt to call her instead of her full name) replied. "I don't understand" Carly said, still trying to get to grips with this future thing. "Look, I'm just gonna cut to the chase. I'm from the future, the future's in danger, I need some help and your coming with me." the Princess said, staring at a now clueless Sam, Carly and Freddie.