Hey! This is my first story, so I hope you enjoy it. There is NO pov in the story.


Chapter 1: Breaking out.

Nora walked outside into the prision yard. All the other prisionors we around her. She was frightened. "What are you looking at ORANGE HEAD?!" roared a tough lady at Nora. Nora only nodded her head and walked away. "Mom, dad!" she screamed. Her parents were on the other side of the prision, looking at her in sadly. Nora winked at her parents, and her parents winked back. "Lets start the escape" whispered Nora's father to the other two. Nora jumped up on the slide. "Hey! The slides are for the younger prisionors only! You are over 13 years old!" one of the prision guards screamed. Nora grabbed onto the ledge of a window, and then onto the ledge of the building. She climbed up onto the roof and dissapeared. The prision guards searched the prision, but didn't find Nora. "I hope she comes back for us" Nora's mother said to her husband. All of a sudden, Nora appeared on the roof and threw a rope ladder down. "Come on!" Nora cried out. Nora's parents climbed the ladder and were never to be seen in the prision again...

Chapter 2: Kidnapped!

Carly had just finished brushing her hair and left to go to school. "Spencer, I'm going to school! Bye" said Carly. There was no reply.. "Must be busy" Carly thought. Freddie, Sam and Gibby met up with Carly. A big truck drove up beside them. "Hey kiddios! I'll give you a ride to school" said Spencer. All four of them jumped into the back of the truck and it drove off. "Spencer, you missed the turn for the school" said Freddie. Spencer ignored them. The truck arrived outside a warehouse. "Spencer, are you not driving us to school?" asked Sam nervously. They all walked inside the warehouse. "I am not Spencer... Remember me?" he said as he pulled a plastic face off. "Oh my god" Carly whispered. It was Nora's father! Nora's father raced to the door and locked the door before the iCarlies got out. "Let us out!" they all screamed. Suddenly, the lights went out. They turned around in shock. Up on the ceiling, was a massive cube. Inside the cube was Spencer, sitting on a chair. He looked like he was hypnotized. Nora appeared. "I have had enough with all of you. Now, we are not having a party" she said. If ANY of you dare to go anywhere, do anything, or attack us, then the cube will fall with Spencer inside. He will die!" said Nora. "This is insane! You escaped from prision, you are going to kill Spencer. You are a lunatic!" shouted Carly. Nora pressed a button on a control pad and 1 of the cords attached to the cube, SNAPPED! "NO! SPENCER!" shouted Carly.