IWin a Trip

I have too many ideas, especially now in summer break! I love writing iCarly fanstories, especially if they go somewhere, all together (like iGo To Japan). so here's another one! Hope u like it, and please comment! :) I totally heart comments. They make my day. (Again, this is ignoring the events of iOMG. Pick out your Creddie moments, your Seddie moments, I couldn't help but throw a couple cute moments in here and there.) (; Neutral shipper. Enjoy!! <3

Part 1Edit

Scene 1

-Carly and Sam on beanbags-

Carly: "We're flying on the twenty-third, so it's still over two weeks."

Sam: "Yeah. It's gonna be great. Riding, tanning on the beach... fun!"

Carly: "Yeah, probably. By the way, Freddie and I thought of a new 'Messin' With Lewbert' bit where we trick Lewbert into popping a water balloon..."

Part 2Edit

Scene 3


Carly: "I opened the fridge, and immediately got wetted with water!"

Spencer: "Oh, that's just my warning mechanism. Just in case a food thief comes along! You see, you need to pull this yellow lever right here to deactivate the impact that gets released by opening the fridge doors."

Carly: *laughs* "Food thief?"

Spencer, whispering into Carly's ear: "Sam has lived on our food for years, and, when she lives here for a short period of time, I figure even more food will be gone."

Carly: "Aha, got it."

Sam: "Ah."

Spencer: "Actually, Carly's fridge-fail isn't the only reason we're here."

Carly: "Spencer! Like that's my fault."

Spencer: "Sssshhh. Anyway, I have a new girlfriend and we're going to meet her here! *checks watch* She'll be here in a few!"

Carly: "Ah, interesting."

Freddie: "Hotness quota?"

Spencer: "Erm.... about 7, maybe. Not the best, but still kinda hot!"

check in the rest of you luggage."

Carly, Sam, the check-in lady and Spencer picking up and checking in suitcases is shown. People looking weirdly at Mrs. Benson and Freddie is also shown- they're kneeling in the ground transferring the underwear.

Finally, everyone is done.

The gang is shown in the lounge.

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