This is my first (literally FIRST) Creddie One-shot. Enjoy! (PS: Sorry I've been gone for a while. We had a Hurricane Warning here in CT.)


Sam banged on the front door of the Shay apartment.

"Anyone home?!" she cried.

Silence. Sam banged on the door again before opening it.

"HELLO?!" she yelled.

Still no answer. She climbed up the stairs to the iCarly studio and peeked inside. Empty.

-Where'd everone go?- Sam thought.

But her question was soon answered by a weird sound coming from Carly's room. Sam, raising her eyebrows in question, made her way to Carly's room.

"Carls? You in there?" she said.

The sound instantly stopped and the door opened.

"Hey, Sam." said the brunette.

"Carly! What the chiz happened?" Sam said.

Carly blushed slightly as she let Sam into her room.

"Just listening to some music." she said.

Sam looked at her friends computer.

"Why karaoke?" she asked.

" heard about 'Karaoke Night' at the Groovy Smoothie, right?" Carly asked.

Sam nodded. "Yeah. Why?"

"I was just trying to think of a song for Freddie." Carly replied.

"Freddumb? You want to...wait." Sam said. "I know what's goin' on."

A darker shade of crimson covered Carly's face.

"Your'e still in love with the nub, aren't you?!"

"Don't act so surprised." Carly said.

"Surprised?! Carly, I thought we talked about this." Sam said.

"No, YOU talked to FREDDIE and convinced him that I only loved him for his actions, not for who he really was."

"Your point?"

"Sam! Don't you get it? I LOVE Freddie!" Carly cried.

"Did he save your life again and I don't know about it?"

"Sam, I'm serious!" Carly said before taking in a soft whisper. "I actually love him."

Carly played with her hair while Sam glanced at the computer again.

"Well, you aren't going to get Fredlumps with these songs." Sam replied as she shook her head.

"Huh?" Carly asked, looking at her blonde-haired friend.

"YOU need something that'll get the dorks attention, and HE needs to be there." Sam explained.

"So...what do you have in mind?" Carly asked.

Sam sat at Carly's computer and smiled devilishly. "Don't worry. Mama's got this." _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"Why do I need to go to the Groovy Smoothie on Saturday?" Freddie asked Sam.

Sam went over to Freddie's apartment after helping Carly with a song.

"Do you really want to ask questions?" Sam threatned.

"Yeah, I do." Freddie said. He didn't feel like putting up with Sam's violentness that night.

Sam uttered a defeated sigh.

"Look, Carly told me to get you. She said that it was important that you go Saturday." she said.

"She didn't tell you why it was important?" Freddie asked, raising an eyebrow.

Sam shook her head impatiently.

"No." she said. "So...will ya go already?"

Silence hung in the air while Freddie thought it over.

"Fine." came the reply.

"Good. Now find somethin' to wear for tomorrow." Sam said as she made her way to the front door. "And not something like 'Galaxy Wars' or lame like that.' she yelled back.