(The Amazing Cat V is just a roleplay. I'm not actually Ariana Grande, who plays Cat. Sorry!) This will be a Creddie story with only Carly and Freddie POV's. Enjoy and comment!

Chapter 1: (Freddie POV)

Carly, Sam and I made our way downstairs to Carly's living room.

"Great show, you guys." I said.

"Thanks." Carly said, giving one of her famous smiles.

"Yeah, whatever." Sam said. "Got any bacon?"

Carly sat on her couch and I sat beside her.

"Yeah. In the freezer." she said.

Sam grinned widly and went into the kitchen.

"Hey, great job tonight, guys." Spencer said, coming out of his room with his jacket slung over his shoulder.

"Thanks. Where are you goin'?" Carly asked.

"Socko's got some new material I can use for a new sculpture. Laters."

Spencer left them room and I smiled.

"Wow." I said. "He's like a five year old. Getting excited for the littlest things."

"Totally." Carly said.