"If we add the left to the right decimal, that should us the total of..........228.9!" Mr. Robson, the math teacher, announced. "How many of you got this answer?"

A couple of hands went up, and then, the bell rang.

"We'll continue in the last problem tomorrow, which will be your last day of our sucessful year at our high school. See you tommorow folks." Mr. Robson said.

After school, Carly, Sam and Freddie walked in. They both Spencer looking very excited.

"Hey Spencer!" Sam called. "What are you excited about?"

Spencer's face was glowing with happiness and jumped on a kitchen chair. "I entered a contest and I won first prize!"

"That is sooo awsome!" Carly exclaimed.

"And guess where we get to go?" Spencer asked hopefully as he climbed carefully down the chair.

"Where??" the three friends asked.

"To London!!" Spencer squealed. All four of them jumped with excitment. Carly had a brillant idea.

"We could show the tickets on ICarly," she suggested. "Our viewers will be so amazed when they hear about this."

Freddie and Sam agreed, but Sam has something to ask.

"But.......where are we going to stay?" she asked. "I mean, we can obivously fit the camera in the bag, but what about the computer?"

"I called the infomation booth and she said we can sleep in an apartment." Spencer replied. "We could go the day after tommorow."

"That's perfect, since tommorow's the last day of high school and before college." Freddie commented, and clapped his hands together. "This will be the perfect vacation spot!"