This story is rated T.

It was a normal Friday mourning, we had just finished another webisode of I Carly. Instead of a half an hour show we did two hours! So when we came downstairs no one had any energy. "It's summer vacation get out there and have some fun. Like normal teenagers"said Spencer. I knew why he wanted us to get out of the house because Spencer met this girl a d he didn't want his sister cramping his style. Me,Sam,Gibby and Freddie walked out of the apartment and walked around for a few minutes. "Hey this is boring." Sam looked around "lets drive!" I try to say no Sam walked to it by the time I opened my mouth. "This is my mom's car it's okay. We can drive" when we got in the car there was only two seatbelts. Freddie and Gibby had taken the seatbelts and Sam drove. Sam was very sleepy she fell asleep on the wheel. Then... CRASH! Both Sam and me hit our heads hard on the car.

"Sam! Carly!" I get out of the car with Gibby and run to see if they are okay. Blood is everywhere I panic as my friend and girlfriend are not talking. "Call an ambulance. Hurry!" Gibby quickly got this phone out. Being right next to appartments Spencer and mom notices the crowd and quickly runs to the car. "Carly!" Spencer skidded to Carly "Freddie!" mom hugged me and then shouted at Sam. "She can't hear you. Neither can Carly" ten minutes later the ambulance come they. take me, Gibby, Carly and Sam.

I am really hungry. Want am I doing in a hospital. "Spence. Where is everyone?" Spencer tells me everuthing. "A- are they. Okay?" Spencer shrugged. Minutes later a doctor comes up to is. "We nees a Freddie Benson and Gibby-" me and Freddie quickly go into a room where we sit down and wait to be asked some questions.

"How is Sam doing. I nees to know" the doctor doesn't listen until I say it agian. "Samantha is. In a bad state. She is not responding to anything. But she is alive" that doesn't matter. I know that Sam is alive. "And Carly?" Gibby asks "The same as Samantha."

I wake up in a white room. My head hurts. Samantha Puckett what did you have to drink last night. Then I remember. Car crash. Spencer is in a chair "Carly your awake!" I widen my eyes. "Spencer. I'm Sam" Spencer makes sure that I havent't got memoey loss or something. "Your Carly, Carly" Then I realise. I'm in Carly's body! This is like that Freaky Friday movie.

"Ow my head!" Freddie rushes to my side. "I am so glad your okay Sam" did he just say Sam?! I sit up and look at him "Er Freddie it's me Carly" he looks at me funny "it's probalay just the affects of the crash" he kisses my forehead and sits back down. Oh no. I'm in Sams body and Sams in mine!


Okay I am freaking out! I have been in Carlys body for two days and now Freddie is thinking that Carly is me. Well technicly she is since she is in my body. This is so complicated! Me and Carly get out of the hospital and go home to rest.

Okay so I'm now Carly and it's freaky. Well at least I'm not home alone. Oh god! Carly's home alone. Carly is never good alone she goes... crazy! "Spencer... can Car- I mean Sam stay over at our place.. since you know she's home alone?" Without any questions Spencer said "sure. Just make sure she doesn't eat my meat sculpture" My eyes turn to the fridge. Maybe being Carly isn't so bad after all.