This story is rated T. Cibby and Seddie

It was a Saturday mourning, the year was 2017 and an older Carly Shay was cooking breakfast for her boyfriend Gibby who had really lost wieght and thier fourteen year old daughter Crystal. It had been a while since Carly had spoken to Sam and Freddie and ICarly had finished many years before. Thier children didn't even talk to each other since Sam and Freddies girl Jenda was a cheerleader and only talked to her when she neede help for a test. But thier son Ryder liked Crystal and Crystal liked him. "Hey mom is it okay if Ryder comes round to study?" she asked. Carly froze "sure" Gibby had gotten up and gave Carly a huge hug. "Ryders mom is having twins ya know" Carly dropped the orange juice. "Oh. Another baby." Gibby could see that Carly waa upset. Crystal was her only child