Another movie I made.

This is about

This is a story about the iCarly gang.


(Seattle, Carly is on video chat and she comes across an unknow username)

Carly: err hi

Nora: (her voice is disgused and Carly can't see her face) Hello my name is No- I mean Sapphire Rohads

Carly: oh hey Sapphire.... do I know you?

Nora: no I am a huge fan of ICarly it's really good

Carly: aww thanks whose your fave person

Nora: not that Gibby person ever since he rescued you

Carly: huh?

Nora: I mean you and Sam (nervous laugh)

Carly: so back to the topic... why did you contact me

Nora: I wanted ICarly to come to surprise my little sister

Carly: what's your sisters name?

Nora: err Crystal

Carly: em okay. Could you give me your adress so we can surprise your sister

Nora: 1234 Reindeer Lane

Carly: is that even a real-

Nora: IT'S A REAL STREET! goodbye

(Nora exit, Carly is walking downstairs and tells Spencer the good news)

Carly: I got a message from a fan named Sapphire she want's us to go over and surprise her little sister

Spencer: want me to come with?

Carly: sure we need a responcible- I mean adult with us. I'll go call Sam

(On the phone Carly and Sam)

Carly: hey Sam

Sam: what up?

Carly: I've got some really greats news it's about a-

Sam's mom: Sam where did you put my wig!


Sam's mom: Carly? You shouldn't be friends with her she's a bad infulance on you


Sam's mom: I don't know why are you asking me.... (sighs) I'm taking a nap

Sam: sorry about that anyway what where you talking about?

Carly: Well I talked to a huge fan on ICarly her name is Sapphire and she wants us to come round and surprise her little sister!

Sam: whoa... wait a second I thought we didn't do that since nut job Nora kidnapped us... twice

Carly: it wasn't Nora... it wasn't Nora's voice

Sam: okay but just in case I'm taking pepper spray

Carly: okay thanks!

(Next day Gibby and Guppy, Gibby is typing on his laptop)

Guppy: happy birthday!

Gibby: dude it is not my birthday, and where did you get that flower?

(Carly walks in)

Carly: hey Gibby, hey Guppy

Guppy: happy birthday!

(Spencer runs down)

Spencer: CARLY!

Carly: what happened?

Spencer: I was in the bath tub and suddenly a giant hawk came in and started pecking my face!

Carly: go put some cream on the scratches!

(Sam and Freddie walk in)

Sam: hey guys- giant hawk peck your face?

Spencer: yes

Carly: all ready to go see Crystal?

Freddie: yeah

Sam: geuss so

Guppy: happy birthday!

Gibby: let's just go

Carly: Spencer come on!

Spencer: coming!

(On the road)

Gibby: acording to this website Nora has been released from Prison but has changed countries look


Two weeks ago Nora (17) and her family were released from prison and moved to France. Nora made a statement "Carly, Sam and dear Freddie I will have my revenge! 😬😤😬😤

Sam: dear Freddie (looks at Freddie)

Freddie: I don't love her!

Sam: don't lie to me she's smart, and likes you!

Freddie: Sam!

Sam: don't take that tone with me Benson!

(Sam and Freddie keep on arguing)

Guppy: happy birthday!

Gibby: how many times do I have to tell you IT'S NOT MY BIRTHDAY!

Guppy: (cries and won't stop crying, Gibby is trying to calm him down)

Spencer: will you be quiet I'm trying to drive (Spencer sees the Hawk that attacked him) HAWK!

Carly: Spencer keep your eyes on the road

Spencer: sorry