The movie I made:

(Part 1 Sam, Freddie, Carly are watching a horror movire, Sam's choice)

Carly: can we turn over? Please!

Sam: where getting to the best scene!

(Scream comes from TV, Carly screams)

Carly: maybe we should go to sleep

(Lights flicker on and off and then a black out)

Carly: Sam... Freddie.... anybody there? (gulps)

(Gibby wearing a halloween mask jumps up, Carly screams)

Gibby: relax Carly it's only me... hey where did Sam and Freddie go?

(Gibby puts a flash light over the kitchen and see's Seddie kissing)

Gibby: (screams and jumps on Carly)

Freddie: thanks Gibby. thanks ALOT!

Carly: hey why don't we take a road trip this weekend!

Gibby: awesome we could ask Spencer

Carly: sure! SPENCER

Spencer: what?

Carly: can you take us camping this weekend?

Spencer: okay

Sam: then it's settled.... hey we could go to River Honey woods

Carly: river honey woods? Isn't that where all those people disappeard

Sam: yeah, they just took a wrong turn and landed in the middle of nowhere.....

Carly: maybe this camping trip isn't a good idea

Freddie: relax Carly the last person to disapear was in the 1990's

Gibby: we could tell stories I have a-

Sam: save it for the camping trip

(Two days later Spencer, Carly, Sam, Freddie and Gibby are in a hippy van (don't know the proper name)

Spencer: it was good of Socko to lend me his van

Carly: yeah sure was

Sam: I didn't know Socko was a hippy

Spencer: oh he's not he just came across it in the road

Freddie: when did he buy it?

Spencer: yesterday.....

(Car breaks down)

Carly: why aren't we moving?

Spencer: I don't know... Socko said that everything was fine

Gibby: where are we?

Spencer: we are.......

Carly: are we lost?

Spencer: we are not lost!

Freddie: lets just set up camp here

Sam: they sooner we can put the tents up the sooner we can tell ghost stories!

(Part 2, They are crowding round the fire)

Sam: okay now the ghost stories Gibby you first!

Gibby: okay once there was a gingerbread man, he was walking around until he got kidnapped and was burnt alive! Scary or what?

Sam: that was not scary. my turn!........................................................................... and to this day you can here the screams of those campers

Carly: Spencer can we go to sleep now?

Spencer: yeah alright, Gibby and Freddie you share one tent, Carly and Sam you share one tent

Carly: where will you be sleeping?

Spencer: in my own tent

(Midnight, Carly hears a wolf howling)

Carly: Sam I heard a wolf

Sam: Carly I think we would of heard a wolf howl (wolf howls)

Carly: (screams)