This is a

This is a story about Seddie.


and a

This is a story about Cibby.



Chapter 1: School's out

The bell was getting close to twelve Carly couldn't wait for Summer, her brother Spencer managed to get tickets for Carly, Sam and Freddie and himself to go to LA. Miss Briggs and Mr Howard where another reason why Carly couldn't wait. But it was going to be awkward since Sam and Freddie broke up but Carly didn't want that spoiling her vacation. RIIIIIIIIIIING! The bell went and people threw books, papers and even chairs in the air making Miss Briggs powerless. Carly ran to her locker "Summer whoo hoo!" Sam was taking bacon and ham out of her locker and into her bag. "Ready to leave?" asked Carly looking around the empty hallway "not just yet" Sam quickly ran over to the fire bell and pulled the lever they quickly ran when they heard Mr Howards voice. When Carly arrived home Freddie was helping Spencer pack his 'special bag' for the trip. He froze when he saw Sam. "I am so lucky that we have a twelve week vacation without your mom bothering us... no offense" Freddie bit his lip "about that she is coming with us" Carly opened her mouth she was speechless "why don't we invite Miss Briggs and Mr Howard too?" she said sarcasticly sitting down on the sofa. Gibby entered the apartment "Gibby is here... now the party can start!" He had a pink suitcase behind him "Gibby your staying in Spencers room with Freddie so go put your pink suitcase in Spencers room..." They all watched him as the carried the suitcase into Spencers room. "Spencer we need to let Sam and Freddie have a chat!" 'Spencer couldn't hear. Carly whispered into his ear "ohh lets go fix the er... er telescope!" They quickly ran into Spencers room. "So..." Asked Sam who was looking down at the floor "how was the last day of school?" Freddie was looking at the floor too. "Listen Freddie... I, I" Sam wasn't really good at talking in front of Freddie. They looked into each others eyes and leaned in for a kiss.... "WHAT HAVE I MISSED?" asked Gibby Carly was telling him to shut up, this made Sam and Freddie aware that they where watching. "I better go pack some more fat cakes" Sam quickly ran upstairs making Carly nudge Gibby in the arm.

Chapter 2: airport

The next day came and everyone was up including Mrs Benson. Carly looked at Sam "why so... glum?" She looked up form the floor "nothing. err just found out that I can't have too many fat cakes on the plane" Carly rolled her eyes giving Gibby the signal to talk to Freddie. "Why so.... un Freddie?" Freddie looked at Gibby strangley "just bummed that schools over, hey Gibby can I sit next to you in the plane?" Gibby nodded "sure Sam is on the otherside so best trip ever!" Spencer locked the door and they all went to the airport. {On the plane} "THE WAY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NO BODY ELSE THE WAY THAT YOU FLIP YOUR HAIR GETS ME OVER- OW!" Gibby rubbed his arm "shut up!" Freddie laughed at this "fine I'll sing another song" "my screaming little angel don't you CRRRRRY!" He was yet agian interuped by Sam "shut up!" "Near far whereEVER YOU ARE I BELIEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVE THAT THE HEART DOES! She's choking me, she's choking me HELP!" It took three people (Freddie, Carly and Spencer) just to calm Sam down, after that Gibby switched seats with Freddie. "We have landed in LA please stay seated and wait to exit" they got off the plane and got in three cabs. Sam and Freddie in one, Mrs Beson and Spencer in the other and Carly and Gibby in the third cab. "I hope we don't get the share the same hotel room" Sam laughed nervously "yeah awkward." When they got to the hotel there had been a real shock.

Chapter 3 the mix up

"There must be a mistake we can't share a room!" Sam slammed her fist down on the desk "well it will be 7,000 dollars for a new room" They dropped their mouths "fine don't try anything!" said Mrs Benson storming into the elevator. {Night} Sam and Freddie where still up not talking at all. "Want a fat cake?" asked Sam, Freddie nodded. "Sam I really want us to-" They jumped as they heard a bang on the door "I'M TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!" They laughed "night Freweired" said Sam "night princess Puckett." They went shopping the next day and even saw the stars and the hollywood sign "Gibby since Seddie will have no reunion might as well introduce that girl to Freddie!" Gibby ran to Freddie and pushed him into the girl "watch it oh sorry!" the girl blushed as she noticed Freddie. Sam gave the girl the evils. "What!!!!!!!" She felt so angry she felt like getting the butter sock out and hitting her. "Gibby lets go!" They walked out with Freddie staring at the girl then Sam. "I wish we could go back in time" he whispered making Sam look sad as he walked away. At the hotel Spencer was walking around until he noticed a restarant called 'The making bacon bowl of fun' he knew Sam would love that. "Spencer we are not eating in a greasy bacon restarant!" said Mrs Benson showing him to 'Deep blue sea' which suited Mrs Benson "we are not eating in a sea food restarant!" They kept on arguing until Carly, Sam, Gibby and Freddie got back. "Sea food or bacon?" asked Spencer Carly looked at Sam, Sam looked at Freddie, Gibby looked at himself "BACON!" they shouted running into the restarant. Mrs Benson was very angry that her own son who she raised chose bacon over sea food. "That was the best meal I had in my entire life!" said Sam trying to eat every tiny peice of bacon that was left on her plate. Mrs Benson stood at the other end of the table "well I am going out for a while... so don't wait up" everyone didn't notice her leave they were too busy just ordering deserts.

Chapter 4: