Part 1

Carly: okay people Sams wedding is in twelve hours. Anyone seen Spencer?

Melanie: yeah he went to get the horses from socko

Carly: oh boy...

(Spencer walks in)

Spencer: I have got the animals

Carly: what horses did socko give you?

Spencer: slight change of plan

(three chickens come into the appartment)

Carly: chickens... You got CHICKENS!

Spencer: socko did not have any horses

Carly: great now we will have to get a taxi.

Sam: carls it is fine

Carly: Sam your getting married to Freddie. You will look back on this day and say wow

Spencer: that was cheesy Carly

Carly: (turns to Spencer angrily)

Melanie: we can get a bus

Sam: nope, we where born on a bus

Melanie: you where, I was born on the sidewalk

Sam: still I don't like buses