I mess up the show

                       Carly's house

Sam: Hey Carly!!

Carly: Icarly starts in 5 minutes

Sam: Sweet! (runs to the refrigerator & gets a slice of pizza)

Gibby: Whoa is that pizza?

Sam: yeah.

Gibby: Can I have it?

Sam: Get your own.

Gibby: Carly?

Carly: Here take it! (gasps) Icarly time.

Spencer: Hey you guys doing the web show?

Carly: yeah.

Sam: what is that?

Carly: another one of Spencer's weird tings.

Spencer: You guys want to know what it is?

Sam: no.

Mrs. Benson: (runs in)

Carly: Mrs. Benson? What are you doing here?

Mrs. Benson: Freddie's not coming.

Gibby: Why not?

T-Bo: Hey does anyone know why no one wants to buy some bagels?

Spencer: Later.

(Carly, Sam, & Gibby leave)

T-Bo: Okay.

Mrs. Benson: T-Bo, back to the apartment!

T-Bo: yes Mrs. Benson. (leaves) But still why can't Freddie do Icarly?

Mrs. Benson: Freddie is sick with a 105 fever. lets go!

T-Bo: Dang!

Carly: okay. Uh Gibby.

Gibby: Sup?

Carly: I need you to say in 5, 4, 3, 2.

Gibby: Okay, but wait. How come we don't say in 5 4 3 2 1?

Carly: No one knows.

Gibby: I'd like to know.

Sam: No one cares!

Gibby: okay. In 5, 4, 3, 2.

Carly: I'm Carly!

Sam: I'm Sam!

Gibby: And I'm Gibby!

(Sam & Carly: And this is Icarly.)

Carly: Now you may be wondering why Freddie isn't here.

Sam: well we don't know.

Carly: Anyway say hello to our substitute Gibby.

Sam: Say hello to the fans.

Gibby: Hello fans. Hey can I take off my shirt?

Sam: later!

Carly: And now it's time for the Cowboy and the idiot farm girl who thought the cowboy's mustache was a squirrel.

Gibby: Hey why can't I be the cowboy?

Sam: because you're holding the camera. now shut up.

Carly: Hey!!!!

Sam: well hello there farm girl.

Carly: I see that you have a squirrel on your face still.

Sam: Um little missy we talked about this every time. this is no squirrel, this is a mustache.

Carly: I have the perfect thing for your little squirrel to eat.

Sam: eat!? Now missy I told you this ain't and will never be a squirrel.

Carly: here you go!! (throws jello on Sam's face)

Sam: What the!?

(random dancing music starts)

Carly: Uh what's happening?

Sam: Yeah this isn't part of it.

Carly: Gibby!

Gibby: what? I thought it was time.

Sam: Dude just turn it off.

Carly: I got it.

Gibby: (takes his shirt off)

Sam: Gib! Not now!

Carly: Oh Gibby.

Spencer: wow that is one shirtless Gibby.

                   Freddie's house

T-Bo: Hey Mrs. Benson, you have to see this!

Mrs. Benson: (sighs) T-Bo turn that off. I don't want to see any shirtless boys. or naked ones either. hello? Yes I'm calling about my son Freddie.

T-Bo: Hey look now!

Mrs. Benson: yes, yes....I don't know what happened! And no I will not date you!

T-Bo: hey look now he's dancing upside down with his shirt off.

Mrs. Benson: You know T-Bo go next door. I have to talk to this doctor. What? No! I am not dating him! Stop trying to ask me out!!

                    Carly's house

T-Bo: hey Spencer?

Spencer; hey.

T-Bo: Mind if I join you?

Spencer; No. What's up?

T-Bo: Mrs. Benson doesn't want me in there.

Spencer; How come?

T-Bo: She's talking to a doctor who's trying to ask her out.

Spencer: No way!! (laughs) Come on! Lets watch her!

T-Bo: Okay. But we have to be quiet.

Spencer: Okay

Carly: Okay!

Sam: Now that Gibby's shirt is back on, lets look at the screen for another terrible movie.

Carly: we showed you one a year ago. this one is called....called....Sam I forgot the name.

Sam: The movie we don't know!!

Carly: But that's not even a movie.

Sam: Well never mind that! what else can we do?

Carly: I got it! We all remember...

Sam: (hits a button)

(voice: Hey, hey, hey, hey. what am I sitting on?)

Carly: okay we are going to use my older brother Spencer.

Sam: Spencer?

Carly: Spencer?

Sam: while we find spencer, please enjoy a video of Gibby spinning around the room.

Gibby: (hits the button)

Carly: Spencer?


T-Bo: I'll open the door first.

Spencer: okay.

T-Bo: (opens the door)

Mrs. Benson: No I am not!!!

(Spencer & T-Bo laugh)

Carly: What are you doing!?

Spencer; Hey!! Carly!!

                      Freddie's house

Freddie; Mom, who are you talking to?

Mrs. Benson: some rich doctor. Okay so I told Spencer that you won't be there.

Freddie; You're kidding! Mom! This is the first episode of 2016! and you blew it!

Mrs. Benson: I'm sorry Freddie, but when you have a 105 fever you can't go!

Freddie: Mom I'm fine!

Mrs. Benson: (feels Freddie's forehead) No! Go back to bed!

Carly: (runs in) Freddie?

Freddie; Carly? (closes the door) you really shouldn't be here.

Carly: Did you see Icarly?

Freddie; yep.

Carly: Look I'm sorry about ruining the web show.

Freddie; You didn't ruin it. Gibby & Sam did. (kisses Carly)