Seddie lean
Seddie bump

This is a story about Sparly.


This is a story about the iCarly gang.


This is a story about Seddie.


This is a story about Cibby.


Sa and freddi

by dylan troy

hey sam said freddie

hi can i tell u something saud sam
Sam and Freddie B.
sure said freddie
Seddie lay

carly loves gibby and i love u said sam

i do too and wat??said freddie
Seddie action

I LOVE U!!!! saud sam

then she kisses him

carlys pov

hey gibs i said

hey i love u and kisses her

to be continued

scene 2

sam grabs freddies hand ur mine !! said sam

i know said freddie and also dylan and lauren my cousin and his gf are stoping byy said freddie

hey guys said lylan

hi said seddie

heyoo said cibby

hi i am dylan said dylan

hi im sam said sam

carly why are u and gibby holding hands said freddie

um were dating said carly

wat?? said seddieand lylan