When Spencer gets a call from Spencer and Carly dad he is worried Carly is homesick and Carly cannot return home due to travel issues while living with her dad Spencer heads over next door to ask Freddie if he wants to go get Carly with him it will take traveling Freddie is thrilled to think of getting Carly home again .....freddie says what about sam Spencer speaks up and says isn't she with that cat chick doing a babysitting gig before Freddie can speak sam comes out with a bucket of chicken and says what dodo u want Spencer ? Spencer is completely shocked and says where did u come from scam speaks up and says me and Freddie are best buds now after saving him from a tank of killer tuna u grow with the guy Freddie says she quit the babysitting and moved back to Seattle Spencer looks very confused but ask them both if they wanna go get Carly home they both accept and they go head to buy there tickets a..meanwhile Carly is stuck being roommates with a germa phobia and the roommate gets very obsessive Carly tryst to get her dad to break the travel rules so she can go home he fails at it Spencer Freddie and sam get ready to go on the plane and run into gibbyy who they havintvseen for a long time gabby explains he has been traveling with his grandmother to china alot Spencer gives the tickets to the lady at the desk but she says there expired he goes sam I thought u said these were good sam goes I thought they were the lady at the sewer said I could trust her gibby steps up and says since I travel alot with my grandmother I have a travel pass they all get on the plaine...carly has had enough of her geerma phobia roommate and tryst to get her in trouble ...the first half in hour ends with sam shooting the plaine conductor in the head with a butter sock ...the second part starts with the crew arriving to Carly boarding school Freddie knocks on the door smiling sam goes what are u smiling about Freddie replys smiling saying I can finally find out why Carly kissed me before she left sam punches Spencer in the arm he goes what was that for ? She replys saying you were next to me so I punched you ...she tells Freddie Carly never told me she kissed you goodbye ?Freddie just paused and refused to awnser her just then Carly father awnsers telling them to come in Carly comes out to complain about her roommate and sees them all standing there she screams and charges at them hugging all of them Carly like what are doing here Spencer speaks upland says were here to take u home ...carly screams again and hugs them all a..later they all go to a fancy restaurant to wait for the call that there free to head back to Seattle Freddie walks up to Carly smiling Carly like yes Freddie...Freddie explains u know when u kissed me u know before u left just then sam jumps in explaining the waitress is ticking her off with all his lousy jokes Carly turns and hugs sam sam is glad to see Carly we have alot to discuss Freddie turns upset at sam for interrupting him ...later Spencer gets a call that they can't take Carly home the second half ends there ...the third half begins with everyone upset Spencer calls up the flight instructor he comes in with his mighty additude saying in one condition ill let u guys go the crew looks stunned in question if u guys do a icarly show online tonight ..carly speaks up and says its been 8 months since we last did icarly Freddie comes over and pulls Carly aside what if we reopen it Carly just stands there but what about the fans its been a long time plus were not in Seattle where the supply are just then gibby walks in saying some weird French guy just gave me a camera for online taping if I gave him my grandmothers name sam and Freddie got exited Carly goes idk guys sam rubs Carly s shoulder come on shay its a chance were taking ...carly agrees to it and they all cheer ..later that night they get ready for the return of icarly Carly is getting prepared and Freddie tryst again to talk about the kiss Carly finally awnsers and says idk why I kissed you I guess you are really important to me Freddie smiles at carly just then sam claps at them both sarcastically Carly goes what? Sam gets mad at Carly why didint u tell me u kissed him Carly looks at sam saying I didn't think kissing him goodbye would bother you just then the timer goes off its time to start icarly again the girls start off with some jokes they soon realize know one was watching them online Carly gets sad maybe we shouldn't of ended it period I mean if I had never left to Italy this wouldint of happind Freddie and sam comfort carly just then the viewers come piling in the friends turn to see they have there viewers back the icarly show continues gibby plays a huge part in the return of the show

that night there clear to go back to Seattle part three ends a..the final part starts off with Carly smelling the Seattle apartment hallways Spencer opens the door and finds tons of people in the apartment yelling happy icarly return Carly and Freddie and sam agree to return to the web show for good they host a show in front of the crowd later the friends share spaggatti tacos Freddie notices sam is acting upset at Freddie he goes and confronts her saying hes sorry for not telling her about the kiss she replys saying no big deal but Freddie turns and says you love me don't you sam turns around and replys ok so maybe I sorta still like you but not love you but you love Carly Freddie realizes he does love Carly sam tells Freddie we have come far but I think your important to me as a best friend Freddie hugs sam and sam says ok get off me now then later Carly goes up to freddie and answers why she kissed him Freddie now knows carly never stopped loving him she just completely avoided it they kiss and agree to date again .. the nigh ends with gibby heading back out with his grandmother Carly freddie and sam go to the icarly studio and smile ..this is a hour and a half reunion episode