Melanie returns in this story, only to find out that Sam has something planned out for her. A surprise. enjoy!!

Carly sees a blonde girl wearing a pink shirt fade into the crowd of people at school. Wow. Isn't Melanie pretty? she asks me.

Ugh, no. She disgusts me. Pink is for losers. Sam said.

Sam. Don't go hating on the color pink. I like it too. Carly tells me.

It's good on you, not on Melanie. Sam says.

You're hating on your sister and not me? she asks.

Well..It's just that we are so different... You two are alike! Sam says..

Yeah, but that's different. We aren't related. she says

Freddie came over, and Melanie came out of the crowd of students. Freddie and Melanie kissed, as usual. They started dating since Freddie found out Melanie was actually real.

Woah..don't need to swallow each other at school every minute! Sam says.

Pfft. Jealous? Freddie asked Sam.

'Course not. You two are perfect for each other.