A/N: Considering my dark personality, I had waited a very long time to post this love story. It's probably the best I've written and I hope you'll agree.

Chapter 1:

Carly, Sam and Freddie stood in front of their lockers as they always did before class. Sam constantly making unwanted comments toward Freddie and Carly having to get between them before things got physical.

"Sam! Leave Freddie alone!" Carly cried, pressing between her steamed friends.

"Why? This nub can't fight!" Sam argued.

"I said 'Shut it', Puckett!" Freddie yelled.

"QUIET!" Carly yelled.

Sam and Freddie instantly calmed down, shocked by the brunette's sudden burst of voice. Carly could feel a migraine forming in her head. She was getting sick of Sam and Freddie's constant fighting.

"Sorry." Freddie said quickly. He was always the first to apologize.

"Yeah, whatever." Sam said.

Carly, not realizing she had done so, let go of Freddie and Sam's arms. The throbbing in her head instantly went away.

"Thank you..." Carly said.

The bell rang and students started flooding the halls.

"We better get to class!" Sam yelled glumly over the clamoring voices of the kids. She pushed her way through the crowd, followed by Carly and Freddie. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________c

"Hello, class." Miss Briggs greeted with a michievious grin. "Today we are going to do a report on the history of bag-pipes."

Groans and boos bounced around the small classroom.

"Be quiet!" Miss Briggs shouted. "This is my class and you will do as I say!"

Sam rolled her eyes and plonked her head down on her desk. "Boooring!" she whispered.

Carly turned slightly in her seat and looked at Freddie. He glanced back and shrugged.

"Gibby!" the teacher said.

"Y...yes, Miss Briggs?" Gibby said.

"Pass out the 'Book of Bag-pipes'!"

Gibby obeyed. He looked miserably at his other classmates as he handed them their books.

"Um...Miss Briggs?" Sam called.

Miss Briggs knew that whatever the troublemaker had to say, it wasnt't good. But she answered anyway.

"What is it, Samantha?"

"I'm bored and you bag-pipes aren't all that. Can you give me Detention now and get it over with?" the tired blonde asked.