This story is rated K+.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Scene 1(at the school)

Freddie POV:

Sam stares at me then says "I got to go..!!" and runs off. I yell and grab her and say "Wait!" She then looks at me and sighs and says "I understand.... you still love Carly I get it!" Why was she running away....

Carly POV:

I run to Spencer and Gibby and yell "SPENCER!!!!!" He yells back "WHAT!!!" I then let him out and drag him out into the hallway. Spencer then asks "What?!" I then yell "SAM IS IN LOVE WITH FREDDIE!" Spencer then says "What? NO WAY!!!" I then yell "WAY!!! I just SAW HER KISS HIM!!!!" Spencer then says "Finally!" I look at him confused... what did he know? I then say "huh!" He then says "I always knew she liked that kid!" I then freak out and say "I didn't even know! Why didn't she tell me! She should tell me these things! I mean does she think I still like Freddie? Does she think Freddie doesn't like her? Oh my god THATS WHY SHE WAS HANGING out wih Brad and Freddie all the time! She loves Freddie! I can't believe I didn't figure this out. I wonder when she started loving him. I better go talk to her THANKS SPENCE!!" Spencer then says "uh.. YOUR WELCOME!!"

Sam POV:

I can't believe I thought I loved him... He obviously still likes Carly. If he didn't he would of done something about the kiss but he just stood there. Shocked like he didn't like the kiss! I ran past Carly in the hallway just about to go home when she stopped me and said "Sam we need to talk" I didn't want to talk to anyone... I just want some fried chicken and icecream so I said "Not in the mood Shay!" She then pulled me aside and said "I know you love Freddie!" Wait HOW DID SHE KNOW!!!! Did that nub tell her I sware I'm gonna... I then drop my mouth and say "HOW? DID FREDDIE TELL YOU!!! Because I'm gonna!!!" Carly then said "No!! I saw you kiss him...!" WAIT she saw that....! I then say "Well he doesn't like me back so you don't have to worry. He loves you not me... " I run off and leave the school before she has a chance to speak.

Scene 2(Next Day Carly's Apartment)

Carly POV:

I was worried about Sam. I tried calling her and texting her but she won't respond... I even made her this chicken pot pie. IT INCLUDED SAM'S TWO FAVORITE THINGS!!! CHICKEN AND PIE!!! Then, I see Freddie come in and yell, "I have to grab the labeler from the iCarly Studio, mom, then we can label the Medicine, is that chicken pot pie?!" I then say, "Ya know it- you want some?" He then sits down and says "Sure..! As long as it's not poisoned!" I then laugh and say "It's not poisoned!" I cut him a peice and put in on a plate with a fork and then he says "I'm surprised this hasn't been inhaled by Sam yet. It's her two favortie things: chicken and pie!" I then walk over towards him and say "I've been trying to call her and I've been texting her all day she hasn't responded!" He then says "That's weird- it's free food! She should be here!" I then can't hold it in any longer "ARE YOU IN LOVE?" He then eats his pie and doesn't answer me. I then ask him again "Are you in love?" He then sighs and says "Can we just not talk about it?" I then say "No we can't just not talk about it!" Freddie then says "But my mom's waiting for me to..." I cut him off and say "I don't care! Are you in love?" Freddie then stares at me like he doesn't want to answer the question then he looks over at the kitchen table and says "So... what was in that chicken pot pie? I mean, I know *chicken* obviously, but what other..." I cut him off again by saying "Are you in love or not?!" Freddie long pauses then says "Yes..." I sigh... Sam was right he was still in love with me... I then say "But you promised. You said you wouldn't fall in love with me as long as..." He cuts me off and says "I didn't say I was inlove with you." I look at him confused.. Wait he didn't love me! I then say "So if you don't love me you must love someone else....SAM?!" He then stutters and says "What...! Where did you hear that?! Ridiculous!" I then say "I saw Sam kiss you and she even told me she loved you!!!!" He then says "Wait she told you everything?!" I then say "She thought you loved me so thats why she ran away after she kissed you!" He then says "I was shocked! The girl's hated me for 4 years and now, she's IN LOVE WITH ME?!!! How was I supposed to react?!" I then say "You should go tell her you like her back...!" Freddie says, "The thing is, Carly, I don't know if I'm really in love or not... I thought I was in love with you for a while but then I realized I just thought I loved you and I wasn't really in love with you. I need time to think about my feelings for Sam." I then say "Then tell her that! Tell her you need more time to figure things out. If she really loves you she should understand!" Freddie then hugs me and says "Thanks." He then runs up to the studio to grab the labler.

Scene 3 (On the roof of Sam's Apartment Complex)

Sam POV:

I held my bag of ribs and bacon and was throwing rocks over the roof. I sat down on the chair I brought up and sigh... I then hear the door open and see the nub Fredwierd. I then say "How'd you find me?" He then says "Your mom told me you would be up here." I then say to him "Leave..!" He then says "Let me speak first!" I then get up and yell at him "You already said enough!!!" I was sick of him already. He then said "You didn't let me finish the other night!" I then yell at him "You didn't have to I could tell you didn't like me and that you still loved Carly because you didn't react." Freddie then says "You didn't give me time to! I was shocked! The girl that hated me for 4 years is in love with me how am I supposed to react!" I then yell at him "I DON'T KNOW! Not like that though!" He then says "When did you know?" I then look at him confusingly "Huh?" He then says "When did you fall in love with me?" I then sigh and say "Ever since you stated loving Carly. I was jealous... So I started playing this game with you hoping to forget how I felt. Then we kissed and it brought back those old feelings I have been covering up with all this hate. Then I saw you and Carly dancing at the Groovie Smothie the night of the girls choice dance and it brought back all that jealousy then I realized I was in love with you. I just couldn't hold it in any longer... But I understand you still love Carly. You will always love Carly." I then get closer to her "I thought I was in love with Carly... But I realized soon I never really was in love with her.." I then look at him confusingly "Wait what!" He then says "I might be in love with this blond headed demon but I'm hoping she will realize I need time to figure out if I really do love her." HE LOVES ME! OH MY GOD HE LOVES ME! I then say "I'll be waiting." Freddie then says "but before I go..." He puts his hands on my face and presses his lips against me and I close my eyes and kiss him back. The kiss lasted 11 secs. He then pulls away and says "See ya Sam Jerk" and walks away. I then say to him "Hate you too Nub" and smile...