This story varies in character POV and no POV, just to warn you if you get confused.

Summary: How bad would it hurt if someone you love, and who once loved you, was with someone else? What if it was your best friend?

Chapter 1: (No POV)

Carly lay on her bed, crying. Everything around her had disappeared in the thick air. They were late. Very...late.

Probably making out... she thought bitterly.

How had this happened, she wondered. How?! And why? She didn't understand. He used to love her. Or, so she thought and he acted. Sure, she supported them. But did she, really? Everytime they kissed, she'd smile. And each smile caused a tug on her heart. She'd ignore it, of course, thinking it was just her imagination. Except, she felt it everytime. No matter the time or place, it happened. Yet she continued to ignore it.

She looked at the book that lie open next to her. Wiping away the remaining tears, she picked it up. Harry Potter.

"It's all the same." Carly muttered.

She thought of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Was she and her friends like them? Ron and Hermione, the two who constantly argued. Harry and Hermion, reassuring and there for each other. Yes, it was the same. The two that fought ended up together while the last stood on the sidelines, alone, and watched. Yeah, okay, Harry ended up with Ron's sister Ginny. But did he really want that?

Ron had abandoned them, Harry and Hermione, in a fit of jealousy caused by that stupid Horcrux Locket. And they were doing fine when he left.

Would they of ended up together, Carly thought. If Ron never came back?


Suddenly interrupted by her thoughts and startled by Freddie's voice, Carly slammed the book shut. She remembered where she was.

(Carly POV)

"Up here!" I called back.

The echoing footsteps of Sam and Freddie echoed in my hall as they approached. My door opened and they came in.

"Sorry we're late." Sam said.

"It's ok." I lied.

"Hey, have you been crying?" Freddie asked. He must have noticed the tear streaks on my face and the strain in my voice.

"No." I lied again, and turned away to erase the evidence.

The concerned tone in Freddie's voice rang, and burned my ears. My heart rate sped up and I took low, even breaths to calm it down.

He's with Sam, now. I reminded myself. He's just trying to be nice.

But that didn't stop the fantasies that fought their way to the surface of my mind.