By Booklover101

This story is rated K.
All can read!

Freddie was just hanging with Carly at her house. Both were talking about a trip to a zoo. Then Freddie stared of into the distance. He was thinking about the school lockdown at Ridgeway.

Carly saw this and wondered what Freddie was thinking about, maybe the girl he loves.

"Hey Freddie. What are you thinking about?" Carly asked.

"Oh, nothing," said Freddie.

"Oh you were thinking about something. Was it a girl?"

"Um... Maybe.

Carly's eyes brightened. "Who is it?"

"Just a girl I worked on a project with. I was just thinking about how well the project went."

"Are you in love with her?"


Oh no, Carly thought. He still loves me.

"Well are you in love?"

"Woah is that chicken pot pie? I love Chicken pot pie!"

"Freddie! Are you in love?"

"So what is in that Chicken pot pie. I mean obviously chicken but..."


"Yes." Freddie said in a small voice.

"But you promised you wouldn't say your in love with me."

"I didn't say I was in love with you."

Now Carly was confused. "Then who are you in love with?"

Freddie continued to examen the chicken pot pie.

"Freddie! Who do you love?"

"You don't need to know."

"Yes I do tell me."

"I won't."



"I really want to know."

"I wont tell you!"

"C'mon. Please for me."



"Alright!" Freddie screamed. " I love Sam!"

As soon as he said that Sam walked in to the room wide eyed.