Chapter 1

Somehow, Fredward Benson knew this day was coming. And he regreted it the day it was confirmed. Him and his mom were moving. To New York. Freddie neglected to tell Carly or Sam until two days before the official move.

"You're moving?" Carly asked in a small voice, trying not to cry.

Freddie nodded, also on the verge of tears. He didn't really mind leaving Sam. But without Carly, who could he ask for help? Carly was thinking the same.

"Where to?"

"New York."

Freddie thrusted his hands into his pockets and looked down. He felt like someone kicked him where it would really hurt.

"Oh. The Big Apple." Carly joked as a slight giggle escaped her lips.

"Heh. Yeah.

Both refused to look the other in the eye. But Freddie didn't fail to notice a tear fall from Carly's cheek. He picked up her face and wiped the tear away. Carly gave a shy smile.

"Hey, come here." Freddie said, pulling Carly in for a hug. He tried not to notice as his chest pressed against hers.

"Promise to stay in touch?" Carly asked as they parted.

"Everyday." Freddie promised. He'd never break a promise to Carly.

Silence hung in the room for a few minutes.

"I'd...uh...better go." Freddie finally said.

"Haven't finished packing."

The teens shared one last hug before Freddie left. Carly watched him as a few more tears escaped her eyes. And, just for a minute, she wished Freddie was still by her side to continue banishing the tears from her face. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Two days seemed to fly by and it was time for Freddie to leave. Carly and Sam agreed to go to the Groovy Smoothie with him when the finished their final iCarly. When they arrived, Carly noticed the new jukebox T-Bo had.

"Does it work?" she asked.

"Only when it wants to. That thing's got a mind of its own."

"What do you mean?" a different voice said. It was coming from Gibby, who suddenly appeared in front of the bathroom.

"If you pick one song, it'll play another. Or it'll play by itself." T-Bo said. (A/N: I got this idea from a really good book I read called 'Dead Is the New Black. PS: It's not racist.)

"Oh." Freddie said. He looked at his watch, then back up at his friends. 6:30. His plane was leaving in an hour. "I gotta go." he said.

Carly forced herself not to cry at those sudden words. Out of nowhere, 'Please Don't Go' by Mike Posner started playing on the jukebox.

--Baby, please don't go

If I wake up tomorrow,

Will you still be here?

I don't know

If you feel the way I do

If you leave,

I'm gon' find you

Baby, please don't go (go)--

"I'll call you when I get there." Freddie told Gibby.

He bid farewell to T-Bo as he, Sam and Carly left the Groovy Smoothie. The minute Carly stepped out the door, the jukebox stopped playing.

"Good luck, Freddie." Sam said as a taxi came up to the door ten minutes later. She had never been so nice, but she figured 'why not?'.

"Yeah." Carly said.

She and Sam watched as Freddie climbed into the yellow taxi with his bags, wave goodbye and drive off. Carly finally burst into tears as the car rumbled out of sight. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chapter 2

It had been three months since Freddie moved, but things weren"t getting any better for Carly. She'd come home and lock herself in her room. Sometimes she'd cry, or just lay down and think. She didn't eat much. She didn't sleep well. But Freddie kept his promise about keeping in touch. He called the same night he got in. Whenever he called, Carly would try her best to sound upbeat.

--God, I miss him so much...-- Carly thought.

Suddenly, 'A Thousand Miles' by Vanessa Carlton started buzzing on her phone.

--Makin' my way downtown

Walking fast, faces pass

And I'm home bound

Starin' blanky ahead

(Rest in progress)